Converting Images to WebP Format: A free online tool for compressing image size

Convert JPG/PNG to WebP Online

The image conversion tool to webp converts images from jpg or png extension to Google's web format webp while preserving the quality of the image details.

The free image size reduction tool supports conversion from all types of extensions to jpeg with high efficiency to enhance browsing experience and loading speed after converting the image to web format.

Convert Image Format to WebP

How to Use the Image to WebP Conversion Tool

  1. Upload an image to convert its format to webp.
  2. Wait a moment, and the image will be converted to webp format.
  3. Now, click on the image to download it to your device.

Supported Formats by Image Size Reduction Tool

This web tool supports reformatting images with all extensions png/jpg/BMP/GIF/JPEG/ to webp format to provide stronger compression and reduce the time and duration required to display the image, thanks to Google's web algorithm that intelligently reduces the size of images while preserving quality and details.

All you need is internet connection, and you'll be able to upload all types of images unlimitedly for free, and your images will be quickly converted to webp format online in seconds.