How to transfer all numbers from the phone to the SIM card or vice versa

how to transfer numbers from phone to sim or vice versa

Many of us have a lot of numbers saved in our contacts record, whether they are numbers for friends or for work, and sometimes we want to know how to transfer all the numbers from the phone to the SIM card or transfer the numbers from the phone to the email through two different steps:

  1. Transfer numbers from phone to SIM or vice versa.
  2. Transfer numbers from your phone to your email or vice versa.

If you are looking for a way to transfer numbers from the phone to the SIM card, follow the explanation until the end. I will teach you all the possible ways through which you can carry out the process of transferring all numbers from the phone to the SIM card.

How to transfer numbers from the phone to the SIM card

In order to carry out the process of transferring numbers from the phone to the SIM card, you need to perform some simple steps on your mobile phone, which are as follows:

1. You must search for the Contacts application on your phone, and after accessing your Contacts application, click on the three dots located at the top right or left of the screen (depending on the language of your phone).

2. After clicking on the three dots, you will find a menu with many options. Click on the Manage Contacts option, and then click on “Import or Export Contacts”.

Transfer numbers from phone to SIM

If you want to transfer the numbers to a third party, click on the “Import” option , and then you must specify the method by which you want to import the numbers. Three options will be displayed for you, and these are:

  • From phone (email) or cloud storage.
  • From SIM 1 to your phone.
  • From SIM 2 to your phone.

Click on the appropriate option you want, and all the numbers on the destination you have chosen will then be automatically copied, so that all numbers can be directly transferred to the SIM card.

Copy numbers from the phone and upload them to a third party

The next setup is to export the numbers and transfer the contacts to a third party, as it is common that many people fall into the problem of losing the numbers on their phones. Despite the ease of storing them, to avoid this, the numbers must always be copied and uploaded to an external party for backup. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know how to save contacts externally.

The benefit of this step lies in the ease of accessing numbers saved on an external device from any mobile device. Suppose, for example, that you took the step of storing contacts on email instead of placing them on the internal storage space of your phone.

In this case, all the numbers you previously exported will automatically be copied to any new phone on which you open your email. This process is done automatically without any manual intervention, except that in some older versions of Android or even with different operating interfaces, you may find yourself forced to export contacts manually.

In order to copy the numbers to a third party, apply the same steps that we mentioned above, but instead of clicking on the “Import” option, click on “Export” and choose the party on which you want to store the contacts, for example: (SIM 2 SIM 1, or email) . After selecting one of the options, all numbers will be exported from the phone to the party you have chosen.

From now on, all your numbers will be saved in a new and secure way, and you will be able to access them whenever you want and copy them all from any phone to another with the push of a button. And here we have reached the end of the explanation. Visit us again on the Mody Tech website.

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