A list of the top 10 Visual Studio Code add-ons you'll love

The best Visual Studio Code editor add-ons

If you are a developer who relies on the Visual Studio Code editor, you are about to discover a list of the best add-ons for this editor. Visual Studio Code is classified as one of the best code editors for developers thanks to its flexibility and powerful tools, but there is a great feature that makes this editor even better, which is the ability to customize it using plugins. In this article, we will show you some of the best add-ons that will make your experience with the Visual Studio Code editor more efficient and easier.

The best plugins for the Visual Studio Code editor

1. Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 is a powerful and useful tool specially designed to make brackets easier to read in the Visual Studio Code editor. Parentheses are a basic element in programming, but it can be difficult to visually identify consistent parentheses, especially in large code.

This addition colors the pairs of brackets in a variety of contrasting colors, making them easy to quickly identify and differentiate. In addition, Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 allows you to customize colors according to your personal preferences, which contributes to improving the programming experience and increasing productivity, enabling you to avoid errors resulting from not distinguishing between different brackets.

This addition helps developers benefit from facilitating the editing process and improving the overall quality of the code, which helps speed up the development process and increase effectiveness in creating applications.

2. ESLint

ESLint is a powerful and essential tool for web developers and programmers working with JavaScript. This extension aims to improve the quality of the code and ensure its compliance with specific programming standards.

ESLint scans JavaScript files to detect errors, unwanted patterns, and violations of quality standards. ESLint relies on a configurable rule base that can be customized to your project's needs. The tool automatically identifies errors and warnings and provides clear guidance messages to you to help you improve your code.

By using ESLint, you can improve the quality of the code and ensure its compliance with the best standards. You will also facilitate the process of collaboration between the team by identifying potential problems in the code and improving it before integrating it into the final project.

3. Prettier - Code formatter

Prettier is a great addition to the Visual Studio Code editor. This tool offers a lot of benefits to developers. Simply put, Prettier automatically and accurately formats your code according to specific criteria, meaning it gets the separators, margins, and formatting correctly as soon as you write the code.

One of its best features is that it reduces arguments about coordination methods among team members. Plus, you can customize Prettier to your own preferences, making it fit the work style you love.

Thanks to Prettier, you can focus more on the programming itself without having to worry about how to format the code. This level of automation will ease the programming process and significantly increase your productivity.

4. GitLens

GitLens is an add-on for Visual Studio Code that makes working with the Git source control system easier and more efficient. GitLens provides many useful features that make it easy to track and understand the history of modifications to files and projects.

GitLens is distinguished by its ability to display detailed information about recent modifications and who is modifying the code. You can easily see statistics about contributions, branches, and merges, which helps you understand the development of the project.

Another great feature of GitLens is that it provides a visual interface that makes it easy to browse and navigate between edits and branches. This will help you improve the teamwork experience and ensure that the team stays on the same page.

5. Live Server

Live Server is an excellent tool to add to Visual Studio Code and makes the process of developing and testing web applications easier and smoother. This tool provides the service of running a live local server from within the Visual Studio Code editor itself.

Simply put, Live Server runs your website in real-time on a local server, which means you see the changes you make to the page instantly without having to manually reload the page. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and will speed up the application development process.

In addition, Live Server provides a range of useful features such as support for specifying view domains, automatic reloading, and control of server ports. These features make your development experience easier and more efficient.

6. Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense is a great companion for you as a software developer! It provides you remarkable convenience when working with files and folders in your projects. Do you remember that time when we had difficulty writing exact file paths? This is normal, but Path Intellisense came to provide the ultimate solution to this problem.

When we type a path, Path Intellisense presents you with a drop-down list of all the files and folders in the current working folder. This means that you can simply select the file or folder you need without having to navigate between windows or long searches.

This addition saves Nick a lot of time and effort, and makes the writing process more effective and smooth. Simply put, Path Intellisense is that companion that will make it easy to immerse yourself in code without having to think about the small details.

7. Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag is a useful add-on that will make it easier for you to change tags in HTML and XML files. In the past, when we used to change the brand name in one place and then forget to change it in another place? This often led to errors and formatting issues.

But this command is over with Auto Rename Tag. The extension automatically updates similar tags in the file. For example, if you change the name of an opening tag in HTML, Auto Rename Tag will automatically update the end tag, ensuring that the two tags are compatible.

This addition will ensure you great comfort when dealing with HTML and XML files, and will help you avoid simple errors that can occur as a result of tags not being updated properly.

8. Code Spell Checker

Code Spell Checker is a powerful tool that helps developers check spelling and correct grammar errors in source code. These small errors can be very annoying, but Code Spell Checker came to make this process easier for us.

This plugin provides automatic spell checking while writing code, which reduces grammatical errors and improves text quality. Additionally, Code Spell Checker allows you to add custom words to your dictionary, meaning you can customize it and improve its accuracy according to your project's unique needs.

9. Material Icon Theme

Material Icon Theme is a set of icons that add an aesthetic and organizational touch to your project files and folders in Visual Studio Code. This theme comes with a variety of ready-made icons that represent various types of files and folders.

By using Material Icon Theme, developers can improve the browsing and navigation experience in projects. Attractive and colorful icons will make it easier for you to quickly identify file types and will make searching for the files you need much easier.

In addition, Material Icon Theme can add an aesthetic touch to the editor interface, making the programming experience simpler and more convenient, and will also contribute to the organization of the project and make it easier to read and understand.

By using this theme, you as a developer can benefit from improvements in the experience of working with your projects and make your processes more productive and comfortable.

10. REST Client

REST Client is a powerful and powerful add-on to the Visual Studio Code object editor that enables developers to test and execute REST API requests easily and efficiently. This tool provides a standalone and integrated development environment for testing and analyzing server responses.

Through the REST Client, developers can send various requests directly from the editor, view the responses and analyze them easily. This plugin features a simple and easy-to-use interface, which makes the API testing and development process smooth and convenient.

It is worth noting that using a REST client will make it easier for you to correct errors and improve performance. In addition, it will contribute to improving the end-user experience by ensuring the responsiveness of servers and the validity of responses.

Topic summary

Through the plugins and tools attached to the code editor Visual Studio Code, you will be able to enhance your experience and increase your productivity without compromising the quality of the programming work. If our article was useful to you and you think it could be useful to others as well, we hope that you share it via social media so that the benefit will spread. Good luck.

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