Causes and solutions to the problem of green lines appearing on phone screens

Solve the problem of green lines on the phone screen

If you own a mobile phone and long, transverse green lines appear on its screen, which may appear green or pink, and you are unable to know the reason for that... well, I will tell you the reason for the green lines, as well as the solution to the problem.

Reasons for the appearance of green lines on phone screens

Flex cable - causes of green lines on the phone screen

The reason is that your device's screen was broken.! When you see those annoying long green lines that obstruct your field of view of the screen, know that the reason for this is that your phone screen was subjected to a strong shock, such as falling to the ground forcefully or being pressed with a finger until a break occurred at the level of the screen.

This problem mainly appears on AMOLED screens and on iPhone devices, and some Samsung and OnePlus users have also begun to complain about this problem, which has become common recently. What causes green lines to appear on the screen? The reason is divided into two parts, either a break or small crack in one of the parts of the phone called the Flex Cable, or a break in the entire screen. Follow the explanation to know the details about these reasons as well as the solution.

What is Flex Cable and what is its relationship to the appearance of green lines on the screen?

You will have certainly seen this piece before when you watch a phone disassembly video. Simply put, Flex Cable is a flexible electrical cable specifically designed to handle the tight bend radius and physical stress associated with transportation applications.

There are many types and shapes of this small component, and if the green lines appear, the damaged part is the data cable from the motherboard to the screen, which is broken due to one of these factors:

Green lines appear on the screen due to exposure to an external pressure factor

1. When you put your phone in one of the pockets of your tight pants, you expose your screen to a lot of pressure, and this can cause small cracks in the screen without you noticing it.

2. Some modern devices come with a fingerprint sensor inserted under the screen, and there are some people who press hard on it when entering their fingerprint in order to unlock the phone, especially if the hand is wet with water. The person is then forced to press hard on the fingerprint sensor, which causes a breakage in one of the phone’s spare parts. It's called Flex Cable.

Broken flex cable and green lines appearing on the phone screen

In this case, the solution to the problem of green lines is rather simple, as the Flex Cable piece can be changed alone without the need to change the entire screen. However, this issue remains difficult and requires an expert in phone repair in order to do it perfectly.

3. The reason for the green lines could be a break in the screen itself, as a result of the phone falling or being subjected to a strong shock. If so, I am sorry to tell you that there is no solution to fix this problem other than changing the entire screen.

- I know that your device may be expensive or that your financial capabilities do not allow you to do so! But be aware that there is no solution to fix the problem of the green lines on the screen other than changing them, because this problem is “hardware” and related to a hardware malfunction, that is, damage to one of the parts of the phone and has nothing to do with the software and phone system, and you will never receive any update that solves the problem.

- Therefore, I advise you to go to the warranty agent of the manufacturer of your phone (if your device is still in the warranty period) and ask them to change your screen, and forget the false and misleading titles and meaningless alternative solutions. I assure you that there is no way to fix the green or pink lines on your phone other than changing the screen. There is no application that hides them, and there is no means of repair other than the only solution mentioned above.

Measures to be taken to alleviate the problem of green lines on the screen

If you do not quickly fix the green line problem as soon as it appears, more lines will continue to appear in the future until your device becomes full of them, so try not to turn on the phone screen too much, avoid using it in hot weather, avoid putting it in tight pants, and avoid throwing it forcefully on the couch because All of this will speed up the appearance of more lines on your phone.

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