What are the types of cooling system in the phone, its role and how it works

What is the cooling system in mobile phones

Have you ever come across the word phone cooling system in an advertisement from a phone manufacturing company or on the box of a phone you have purchased before? We always notice companies competing with each other greatly and their keenness to develop professional cooling systems that increase the efficiency of their devices and keep the temperature and internal hardware from rising.

What is the cooling system in the phone? What is its role and types? And how does it work? Does it really have benefits! If so, what is it? All of these questions will be answered in this article until the end.

What is the cooling system in the phone?

The cooling system in the phone is simply the means that keeps the temperature of your phone from rising. If it were not for it, you would not be able to use your phone in the summer. It is what works to adjust the temperature levels of the internal components of the phone during intense use, such as playing, for example.

What are the types of cooling system in the phone?

All companies are interested in using professional cooling systems in their devices. Especially the leading ones, and as a result of this competition, many types of cooling systems have been developed, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Water cooling system

Vapor cooling, or what is called the term Liquid Cooling, is a vapor liquid that reacts automatically when exposed to high temperatures, so that it turns from a liquid into a vapor inside a copper tube to pass over all the internal parts such as the processor, battery, and motherboard, and cool them.

Water cooling system in the phone

2. Air cooling system

Some companies resort to using an air cooling system that relies on a real dynamic fan that is integrated into the two components of the device, specifically above the battery. Among the companies that developed the air cooling system technology is “Nubia Company” in its Red Magic 6 Pro phone.

Air phone cooling system in the phone.webp

3. Copper cooling system

Copper cooling with layers of graphite, which is copper layers that work to absorb heat from the processor cores, the battery, and the screen, and disperses it and expels it away evenly, which keeps the phone cool all the time.

Copper (graphite) phone cooling system

How does the phone's cooling system work?

Currently, there are only two types of cooling systems in the phone. Evaporative cooling and air cooling:

Evaporative cooling is a liquid that is placed inside a closed copper tube and is passed over the sensitive internal parts of the phone, such as the processor, screen, battery, and motherboard, once the phone is exposed to high pressure. Such as heavy use in games or in the summer, this liquid evaporates and dissipates inside the copper tube and works to limit excessive temperature rise.

- Air cooling: Indeed. This technology is new and recent, and is currently used in some devices dedicated to gaming only, such as the Red Magic 6 Pro phone, which Nubia provided with an internal fan that works with high efficiency and is excellent at reducing the temperature. It is also silent without noise, and its rotation speed can be customized from within the phone’s settings.

Benefits of the phone's cooling system

The phone's cooling system keeps the internal parts from burning. Without it, we would not have seen phones with very high charging capacities of up to 120 watts. Such a large amount of electrical energy generates heat, and if serious work is not done to provide the phone with means to reduce this excessive heat, it will simply result in This is damage to important internal parts, such as the phone’s processor, and things may reach more levels, such as a fire breaking out inside your phone, God forbid.

Never neglect to know all the details of the device that you will acquire, and make sure that it actually contains effective cooling systems to reduce its temperature resulting from use, in order to protect yourself and those around you from the dangers of high phone temperature! Like a battery explosion, and God is the Grantor of success.

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