Best websites to find music name from audio or video online

best sites to search for the name of music by sound

Music videos are a popular way to enjoy music and watch colorful artists and performances. With the increase in daily use of online video platforms, determining the name of the song that is playing in the video has become a matter of curiosity for many. Have you ever been in that situation where you want to know the name of the song playing in the background? Maybe you've heard a great beat in a video on social media, or seen an exciting trailer using a song you don't know. In these cases, the desire to know the name of the song becomes a moment of confusion.

Fortunately, there are many great sites and online resources that enable you to achieve this easily. Through this article, we will learn about the best free sites that enable you to recognize song names by sound in online videos. Whether you're looking for easy-to-use apps or cross-browser services, these sites will be great tools for finding out accurate music names.

Best 5 sites to search name of the song from audio or video

1. Shazam

Shazam is one of the most popular song recognition apps and websites around the world. Shazam allows you to specify the name of the song and artist that is playing in the background while watching videos or listening to songs. Shazam was founded by Apple and has become one of the most prominent music recognition tools.

Shazam website link

How does Shazam work?
When you hear a song on a video or somewhere and want to know its name, you can simply launch the Shazam app or visit its website. Shazam then records a small piece of audio and compares it against a huge database of audio clips. The software uses audio pattern recognition techniques to detect the specific song.

After completing the recognition process, Shazam displays the name of the song and the name of the artist, and in addition, it can provide you with links to listen to the song on various music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

2. SoundHound

SoundHound is an app and website that lets you find out the name of a song by whistling, singing, or even entering lyrics from the song. SoundHound is a strong competitor to Shazam and provides a unique experience for music lovers.

SoundHound website link

How does SoundHound work?
When you hear a song and want to know its name, you can simply launch the SoundHound app or visit its website. You can also use the voice search feature by whistling or singing to find out the name of the song. In addition, you can enter lyrics from the song if you know them partially.

What distinguishes SoundHound is its ability to recognize songs even when they are whistled or sung by the user himself. It also provides additional details such as the song's lyrics and a link to listen to the song on music platforms.

With voice recognition and whistling, SoundHound is an ideal tool for those who like to sing or whistle when trying to identify song names. The SoundHound experience adds an extra touch of fun to discovering the music you are looking for.

3. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a well-known website and app that specializes in song lyrics and provides detailed information about different songs. You can use Musixmatch to search for song lyrics and identify the song through its lyrics.

Musixmatch website link

How does Musixmatch work?
You can simply search for the name of the song or artist on the Musixmatch website or through its application. The site will show you the song's lyrics as well as information about the artist, album, and year.

Musixmatch not only provides song lyrics, but also provides the ability to listen to songs and share them with others. You can also search for specific songs using specific words from the song if you don't know its exact name.

The Musixmatch platform offers a great experience for music lovers who want to enjoy song lyrics and better understand their meanings. The site is a powerful tool for searching information about songs and artists and enjoying music comprehensively.

4. AHA Music

AHA Music is a browser extension and application that enables you to identify the songs and music you listen to through the browser. AHA Music works as an audio pattern recognizer in music and can recognize different songs and audio clips.

AHA Music website link

How does AHA Music work?
When you are listening to music via browser and want to know the name of the song or track, you can simply run the AHA Music extension on your web browser. AHA Music analyzes vocal patterns and compares them with a database of songs and tracks it contains.

What distinguishes AHA Music is its ability to recognize music and songs through the browser, allowing you to know the song you are listening to while browsing the Internet, and you can also direct the extension towards a specific audio clip to determine the name of the song.

The AHA Music extension offers a fun experience for discovering songs and music while browsing the web, making it easy for you to quickly identify the songs you are listening to and enjoy knowing their names.

5. Midomi

Midomi is a website and app that allows users to search for songs and music by recording their voice. It is similar to the idea of SoundHound. You can use the Midomi website to determine the name of the song by singing, whistling, or even by a short audio clip.

Midomi website link

How does Midomi work?
When you want to name a particular song, you can simply log into the Midomi website or launch its app, and then record yourself singing or whistling the song. Midomi compares the vocal pattern you recorded with its stored database.

In addition to identifying songs, you can use Midomi to browse a large database of songs and music videos, and you can search for songs using their titles or artist names.

These were the best sites to find out the name of the song from the sound or by whistling, which can be used from the browser, whether on the phone or computer. All of these tools that we have provided to you are considered completely free, and you do not need to subscribe to benefit from their services. I hope one of them was useful to you, good luck.

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